In the past decades, requirements of software systems have changed significantly. Scalability, automation and sustainability now strongly influence the profitability of companies. The foundation for this change is the elasticity of Cloud technologies that supports designing practical solutions in order to scale and automate processes, networks or cloud-native applications according to the changing needs orRead More →

MiCADO by Project COLA Get insights about MiCADO, what it’s good for, how to develop cloud-native applications and discover industrial demonstrators. The webinar is recorded and provided on MiCADO’s  YouTube Channel or simply watch the recordings on our website. Part 1: What is MiCADO (good for)? Part 2: Building Cloud-Native Applications in MiCADO Part 3:Read More →

Cloud computing is experiencing a growth in attention world-wide. The necessity for this emerges from ever increasing amounts of data that must be stored and computed by companies of almost any area of business. Additionally, many business problems cannot be tackled without Cloud and HPC technology, especially the age of Industry 4.0. To compete successfullyRead More →