Public Project Deliverables

Below is a list of our public project deliverables.

D1.1 Project management structure and project management infrastructure

D1.2 Project progress monitoring and quality management

D1.3 Data Management Plan

D1.4 First Interim Report

D1.5 Final Project Report

D2.1 Dissemination plan and project public website

D2.2 First periodic dissemination report

D2.4 Final Dissemination Report

D2.5 Report on Standardization Activities

D4.1 COLA development testbed infrastructure

D4.2- Requirements Gathering and Performance Benchmarking of Microservices

D4.3 Upgraded COLA development testbed and production infrastructure

D5.1 Analysis of existing application description approaches

D5.2. Specification of the Application Template Concept

D5.3 Integration of the Templates with the Selected Application Description Approach

D5.4 First Set of Templates and Services of Use Cases

D5.5 Second Set of Templates and Services of Use Cases

D6.1 Prototype and documentation of the cloud deployment orchestrator service

D6.2 Prototype and documentation of the monitoring service

D6.3 Prototype and documentation of the scalability decision service

D6.4 Prototype and documentation of the price performance optimization service

D7.1 COLA security requirements

D7.2 MiCADO security architecture specification

D7.3 Design of application level security classification formats and principles

D7.4 Security policy formats specification

D7.5 MiCADO Security Modules Reference Implementation

D7.6 MiCADO Security Evaluation Report

Scientific Publications by Project COLA are provided on the page “Scientific Publications“.