Scientific publications:

Journal Article Conference Paper
A Cloud-agnostic Queuing System to Support the Implementation of Deadline-based Application Execution Policies An Architecture for an Autoscaling Cloud-based System for Simulation Experimentation
Cloud agnostic big data platform focusing on scalability and cost-efficiency Automated Scalability of Cloud Services and Jobs
Deploying Docker Swarm Cluster on Hybrid Clouds using Occopus Enabling Modular Design of an Application-Level Auto-Scaling and Orchestration Framework using TOSCA-based Application Description Templates
Extending Molecular Docking Desktop Applications with Cloud Computing Support and Analysis of Results Flexible Deployment of Social Media Analysis Tools, Flexible, Policy-Oriented and Multi-Cloud deployment of Social Media Analysis Tools in the COLA Project
MiCADO—Microservice-based Cloud Application-level Dynamic Orchestrator High Speed Simulation Analytics
Occopus: a Multi-Cloud Orchestrator to Deploy and Manage complex scientific infrastructures Towards a Deadline-Based Simulation Experimentation Framework using Micro-Services Auto-Scaling Approach
Supporting programmable autoscaling rules for containers and virtual machines on clouds
The CloudSME Simulation Platform and its Applications: A Generic Multicloud Platform for Developing and Executing Commercial Cloud-based Simulations
The Flowbster cloud-oriented workflow system to process large scientific data sets


The public deliverables can be found here, Dissemination.