Currently we have published 3 use cases. They take advantage of MiCADO in a wide variety of applications:

In this use case, Aragon Regional Government is  developing a new web portal where the citizens will able to do all the administrative procedures that they may need.  One of the needed source of information is going to be collected by using Eccobuzz integrated with MiCADO framework.

In this use case, COLA project partner Saker Solutions has developed an evacuation simulation with one of their clients, a key UK government organisation, that has a need to study the evacuation of people from one of their facilities / sites. With COLA project partner Brunel University, Saker has developed a high performance computing Grid – SakerGrid.  This enabled the computing resources in a desktop grid to be ‘harvested’ with SakerGrid distributing work to idle resources to execute simulation runs in parallel in order to compress the timeframe to obtaining results. The attraction of COLA is to increase the availability computing power through the use of scalable on-demand resources.

Audience Finder currently handles data for about 1000 arts organisations from across the UK, ranging from small, local theatres to large multi-venue organisations. The Audience Agency wants to continue to grow the number of organisations that use Audience Finder, and this will require larger data-processing capabilities, and web hosting that can meet higher demand at peak times, which will be solved with the help of the MiCADO framework.



In the future, many more use cases are planned, which illustrate the advantages in the use of MiCADO, as well as to give a deeper insight into the functionality and possibilities.