MiCADO 0.6.1 comes along with a lot of new and exciting features:

  • Enable VM-only deployments
  • Add support for special characters in SSL credentials
  • Add option to disable auto-updates on worker nodes
  • Add cloud-specific TOSCA templates and improve helper scripts for stressng
  • Flatten CPU scaling policies
  • Improve virtual machine build time
  • Remove unnecessary port from docker compose file
  • Enable Prometheus DB export

… and many more (specified in the release-notes).

MiCADO 0.6.1 is available through our GitHub-Repository.
To set up the version 0.6.1 of MiCADO, please use our new and enhanced documentation service.

There, you will find a detailed description of the necessary steps to configure and deploy the environment of MiCADO, as well as the latest project-files and release notes.