MiCADO by Project COLA

Get insights about MiCADO, what it's good for, how to develop cloud-native applications and discover industrial demonstrators. The webinar is recorded and provided on MiCADO's  YouTube Channel or simply watch the recordings on our website.

Part 1: What is MiCADO (good for)?

Part 2: Building Cloud-Native Applications in MiCADO

Part 3: Audience Finder: Scalable WordPress use case

Part 4: Deadline-based scaling - JQueuer Demo

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MiCADO is a modular framework which is able to auto-scale and orchestrate application cluster at the level of application without changing the applications code, it allows to accommodate high peak loads while also optimising resource consumption by auto-scaling at the levels of virtual machines and Kubernetes deployments. MiCADO has been developed within the COLA Project.