COLA project partner Aragon Regional Government is  developing a new web portal where the citizens will able to do all the administrative procedures that they may need (almost up to 1500 different procedures). The eAdmin and Digital Society General Direction wants to include a recommendation system to to improve citizens interaction with public services. The recommendation system will be initially based on semantic processing of information coming from 3 main sources:

1.       Similar or related electronic procedures

2.      Institutional websites managed by Aragon Regional Government

3.      Related information in Twitter

The third source of information is going to be collected using Eccobuzz integrated with MiCADO framework. The information will be tweets coming from institutional Twitter accounts run by Aragon Regional Government, or from topics related to Aragon posted by any other user.

COLA project partner Inycom has an application called Eccobuzz for Social Media Data Mining offered in a SaaS basis in their Data Center. Inycom is interested in COLA project because Eccobuzz experiences important unpredictable fluctuations of computing load, as it depends on active customers, searches that they have configured, and information retrieved by the crawlers (which depend a lot on the topic, day of the week….). The need to have an oversized infrastructure to cope with this scenario would be mitigated thanks to MiCADO autoscaling in a Cloud platform.

Inycom has developed a simple interface with some functionalities for COLA Project, called Magician, deployed in CloudSigma. The next figure displays a chart with the number of tweets collected per day. It can be seen that due to lack of computing resources (CPU), after some days working the server crashes on the April 2nd and April 10th and needs to be restarted, that is why those days the number of tweets collected is much lower.

Magician Application

The aim of the use-case envisioned in COLA for the Aragon Regional Government (represented by SARGA) is developing a recommendation system to improve citizens interaction with public services, collecting by means of Magician the information required from public sources in Internet (namely Twitter).

The recommendation will be based on semantic analysis of different sources of information mentioned in section 2. One of them will come from an active listening  carried out on public information (Twitter and Internet) related to topics of interest for the Government of Aragon (Ex: eAdministration, tourism, employment, events…) and Govermental Twitter accounts. This will be done using Eccobuzz technology (Magician) adapted to MiCADO framework.

By the end of the project it is expected to have achieved the following objectives:

  • A semantic processing (in spanish) container integrated with MiCADO which can be easily plugged in the commercial application Eccobuzz.
  • A semantic based recommendation system for citizens applying for public services offered by the Aragon Governmnent.

These recommendation system is planned to be extended in the near future to other sources of information such as the historical applicants behaviour (ex: citizens who did this also did that).

The main technical impact of the use case is the flexibility of the approach that MiCADO enables for a type of application with very unpredictable and fluctuating CPU load, minimizing the computing infrastructure requirements, specially for those customers using our application on-premise and/or in provate clouds.

Also the container based architecture facilitates the development and deployment of applications by software programmers.

Inycom intends to offer in a SaaS basis different commercial applications using MiCADO, not only Eccobuzz. This will bring:

  • Increased margins reducing operation costs
  • More efficient operation of infrastructure
  • No need to schedule/forecast system expansion/size
  • Increased customers’ satisfaction because of a more stable and faster system

Aragón Government expects to improve citizens life. It is a social impact, not economic, as it is a non-profit governmental organization.